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Have you been thinking about a new fence installation for your home or business? Have you worked with a fence contractor before and would like a much better one for the future? Here at Escondido Fence Builders, we think that you have found the perfect site for the best fence installation and fence repair in town! We are a company of top rated contractors from the Escondido who strive to offer a much better source of help for constructing fences, gates, and railings. Our team of expert fence installers have been chosen specifically for their attention to detail and level of motivation towards the job. We made sure to pick only the top contractors for fence repair and fence installation so that you can be sure to always receive the highest quality construction available for your home or business. Our clients are both residential homeowners as well as commercial businesses. We work with such a broad range of clients because we grew from servicing homes to now taking on much larger projects for commercial purposes. That is why we are your one stop shop for whatever fencing need you might have. Our residential customer can enjoy receiving the best prices on more affordable fence designs, while our commercial clients can take advantage of better rates for larger material orders.

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At Escondido Fence Builders The materials that we use for our work are only the high quality and properly sourced from trusted vendors. It is important to us to use only the best fence installation materials when we construct something because you really can’t have a stable standing fence if your bas for it is not made using good material. Other fence companies and contractors may just try to find whatever is the cheapest materials out there, but this can always end up costing the customer if there is any issue discovered about the source for the parts. In order to build the best fences that last the longest amount of time, you must choose the right materials to build with first. If you have ever worked with a different contractor before, you may have seen somethings about them that you don’t like. For example, if you are not motivated enough to do hard work outdoors, it may be more likely for you to rush through the construction and end up skipping a vital step. Our pro fence installers are trained to follow each step carefully and with a lot of attention. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting a contractor that is slacking off or not paying proper attention to what they are doing. Our staff can also communicate with you at a higher level then what you may have previously experienced. We work very hard to show you that your project was built right and with care, which is why we have been receiving such great reviews. If you want a quality piece of work, you must be able to put in the right amount of motivated effort to pull it off. If a fence is not properly secured, not only can it come falling down in the future, but loose debris caught in wind could mean that a part of the fence ends up destroying something else that is on your property. If you have had a different company install your fence, we are able to provide an inspection for you just to make sure nothing like this will happen to you.

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As the leading fence installation company in Escondido California, we can get any job big or small done for you. We work on your budget and on your time. Have a project you need done quickly? Ask us directly and we will tell you a specific time frame and if we can accomodate. We do not beat around the bush when it comes to fence installation in Escondido California. We get the job done right every single time. That is why everyone love sour Escondido Fencing Services! Whether you need residential fence installation services in Escondido or you have a massive commercial fence installation and you need an expert fence contractor, call the best fence company around!

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So, you might be wondering what other things we can help our clients with than just fences. You will be glad to hear that our contractors have a lot of previous experience working on other types of structures. It is very possible that something that you need us to do that isn’t on this site may still be done. Don’t be afraid to call us in and ask if we can do something else for you, you may be surprised to find out that expert help can be brought to you for other projects too. We specialize in affordable professional help with installing and repairing fences, gates, and railings. This includes all sorts of fences for both residential and commercial use. For gates, we can build simple structures for your driveway, but if you are a property manager, you may be surprised to hear that we also work on automatic gates as well. Many of the gated housing developments in the area have automatic gates to guard the entrances. However, almost everyone can recall a negative experience that they had with one of these working too slow, or not right at all. We are able to provide some of the best and most convenient solutions to your gate in addition to our fence and railing services. We also don’t shy away from structures built custom by others. We can build all of our structures specifically to how you would like them, even if it requires custom work. This means that even if you have an existing fence with a complex structure, we are able to do repairs on it to make it look like it did when it was new!

Simply put, our fence installation in Escondido California is the best around. We can also install pergolas and rockwalls if you need. The fence contractors at Escondido Fence Builders are the leaders in the industry!

Why Choose Escondido Fence Builders, the Best Fence Company in Escondido CA?

If you aren’t yet convinced of our ability to handle your Escondido Fence Installation, you could always read from the reviews that others have left us. We appreciate this feedback that we receive as it is what allows us to continue to improve our work. Don’t be afraid to tell us how we did, and what we could have done better. Here you can see some of the more common points that people use when telling us we did great. At Escondido Fence Builders we put our clients first!

  1. Best Prices. Our customers love the fence installation prices we give them because they are usually surprised to hear how affordable we make our fence services. For those with less needs for their fence, they can enjoy some of the best prices the industry has to offer.
  2. Reliability. Our fencing contractors have been called very reliable by our previous clients. They have a great habit of being on time for appointments, and they are always focused on doing the job right.
  3. Appearance. It is no surprise that our contractors were the ones to create some of the most beautiful and elegant designs out of all the fences in Escondido. Our clients that make custom fences and structure with us have gotten pretty creative and we have been able to create amazing new looks for homeowners and business owner.
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